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Ways to learn

All civil servants are entitled to 5 days of learning and development each year.

Junior developers can use 20% of their time for learning, for example, by working on a self-contained project.

You can ask questions about learning and development in #ask-learning-and-devt on slack.

Private study

It’s ok to ask your team for time to study something.

Study materials could include books, videos, or guided tutorials.

GDS has a library and subscriptions to Pluralsight that you can use.

If you know others with similar learning goals, consider organising a group to learn together, or presenting back what you’ve learned to other people.

Formal training

You can book training through the people development form. Talk to #ask-learning-and-devt on slack if you have any questions.

Formal training can include:

  • External training courses
  • Conferences
  • Civil service learning

Informal training

Informal training can include:

If you are interested in running a new workshop or group, first check if anyone has run anything similar before, as they may be able to share advice and materials.

On the job learning

Many skills are best developed through working on a project as part of a team.

This can include:

  • building and supporting software
  • participating in code reviews
  • attending incident reviews
  • participating in show & tells
  • writing and speaking about your work externally
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