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Building software as a team

The developer’s role

Agile teams recognise that nothing has to be perfect first time, but if we release software regularly we can continuously improve products.

Developers supporting the software should be able to quickly respond to change, and teams should not depend on the original authors of the code always being there (otherwise we could never take a holiday).

Junior level

You should:

  • be familiar with the language and tools your team uses.
  • follow coding conventions/styleguides for your language
  • understand that code is read more often that it is written
  • prefer to refactor and reuse code rather than duplicating it

Mid level

You should:

  • share knowledge of tools and techniques with your wider team
  • participate in support operations in hours or out of hours (as part of an on-call rota)

Senior level

You should:

  • Be familiar with working practices such as TDD, continuous integration, continuous delivery and DevOps
  • Be able to quickly research and learn new programming tools and techniques
  • Support and coach more junior members of the team

Programming language resources

Depending on the technology you’re working with you may find the following resource lists helpful:


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