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Sharing knowledge with others

This can include sharing outside of your job role, team or organisation, and collaborating to solve common problems.

Make things open, it makes things better

We should share what we’re doing whenever we can. With colleagues, with users, with the world. Share code, share designs, share ideas, share intentions, share failures. The more eyes there are on a service the better it gets — howlers are spotted, better alternatives are pointed out, the bar is raised. Much of what we’re doing is only possible because of open source code and the generosity of the web design community. We should pay that back.

Your role as developer/webops

You can share knowledge internally by

  • Reviewing other developers’ code
  • Documenting software you work with
  • Demonstrating work at Show and Tell events and within your team
  • Speaking at a monthly Technospective
  • Helping to run a workshop or give a presentation
  • Sharing articles or talk videos
  • Collaborating with other developers to deliver stories

Some ways you can share knowledge externally:

  • Write a blog post for one of the GDS blogs
  • Speak at a conference

As a developer or webops at GDS you will code in the open, so you should understand how to handle sensitive information (like passwords) independently of the application source code.

Junior level

You can demonstrate work at Show and Tell events and within your team.

You can also volunteer for the monthly Technospective to give a longer talk on a specific topic.

Mid level

Working together with other developers is a really good way to share knowledge, since you get to see other developer’s workflow, environment and editor/IDE config, and general approaches to problem solving.

You should also regularly review other developers’ pull requests. It’s a good idea to check other work-in-progress before picking up new stories, so that code review doesn’t become a bottleneck for the team. See the How to review code on the GDS way website for guidance about how to do code reviews well.

More suggestions:

Senior level

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