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The technologist’s career path at GDS

The information in this section expands on the technologists career path at GDS, which applies to the Software Engineering community.

More generally, the civil service is adopting the Digital, Data and Technology Profession Capability Framework, which outlines the various roles and responsibilities of technologists working in government. That framework covers a wider range of digital skills beyond just software engineering, and the structure of this website will change to match that.


Competencies are specific skills, behaviours, and knowledge that help you perform your role.

The list below elaborates on the kinds of competencies mentioned in the career path. The page on each one should define what we expect at junior, mid and senior level.

These competencies do not generally distinguish between developers, web operations engineers and site reliability engineers - this may change.

Working practices

Technical skills

Leading and communicating

Adding a competency to this page

## [Writing a competency statement]

[A short summary of the skills, behaviours and/or knowledge you are writing about at the top, if not obvious from the title.]

### Your role as [developer/webops]

Why is this competency important?

How does it relate to your role and responsibilities?

### Junior level

[What it looks like at junior level.]

### Mid level

[What it looks like at mid level.]

### Senior level

[What it looks like at senior level.]

### Related guides [optional]

[Links to guides on topics related to this competency]

### External resources [optional]

[Links to External resources]