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Learning pathways at GDS

This website exists to bring together the GDS Technology community’s collective knowledge and resources to support the learning and development of technologists.


We want to:

  • create a set of curated guides, organised by topic, technology, constituency, level. There may be multiple cross-cutting routes into the resources. Our aim is to offer pathways which cater for the most important needs of technologists.
  • elaborate the current technologists career pathways within GDS in more detail, by creating a page for each competency statement in the career path.
  • prepare for adopting the DDaT career pathways within GDS by documenting our current career pathway in more detail.


This website is an early draft. We are working to get the structure right. Contributions are welcome in the form of PRs.


Content is licenced under the Open Government Licence.

Code of conduct

This project is developed under the Alphagov Code of Conduct